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Grant Austin Taylor and Henry Johnson
Click here to see play killer solo on Angle from Montgomery sung by Bria Kelly

Henry, Mike Trimble, and Carlton.

The Master at Work....Mike doing his thing in his studio.

Henry Recording
Studio shot
  Henry "Guitar" Johnson
In session.
Big C .....tryin out some new chords that Henry taught him   JUJU
About to lay it Down.
Havin a Ball.  

Hollywood Time for some explosive riffs.

HMJB This is the ball room.  

Power amps for Carlton's bass rig

You've Got to Feel the Bottom!! 

Making Faces
This blueish rock formation is at the very top of a huge ascension chamber which opens below it. The type of mineralization would suggest venting gases for some length of time during the geologic history of this guy ..?
Blues Historic Landmark
Chess recording studio.
  Chess Records Park ...Live music park on the side of the studio

Chess records ...Chicago


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